In stormy times we need a few light towers
to keep the right course...

What we can do for you

Our skill sets allow us to assist you with immediate or scheduled management power to tackle your company’s challenges. We are highly flexible, are basically able to work on your project at any place in the world and for as long as it needs to finish the task!

Audit and Financial Analysis

find out about room for improvements which make a difference

Interim Management

covering special job profiles and urgent vacancies

Project Management

driving projects by results

Due Diligence

need another view and approach?

Restructure and Integration

No ties and no ones side can help here

Strategic Consulting

let’s find the right course when fix points start moving

Who we are

Roland Schulze - Director
Roland has earned his marks over the past 20 years in the logistics industry. After completing his BCom in economics he joined a major player in logistics, gaining over 10 years an expertise in finance, audit, and international freight forwarding. He has been working in multiple countries such as the China, Southern Africa, the US and across Europe.

After further 4 years in a logistics group focussing on JIT supply management, river barging and air & sea he relocated to South Africa as CFO of a medium sized freight forwarder and sharpened his profile over 7 years, tripling the size and financial success indicators of the company. Mergers and acquisitions, setting up companies from scratch, cutting off unprofitable entities, implement company-wide new IT systems and restructure an entire organization are just a few landmarks in his portfolio.

He has been working with and in different cultures across the globe without losing his German identity and style. His passion is driving decisions rather than discussions, as much as it is for growing people and teams to create an environment of long-term success and satisfaction for all stakeholders in the business.

Roland has access to a network of other independent experts in various fields he can bring on board where it helps the cause.

Roland has access to a network of other independent experts in various fields which can be brought on board.

Ideas and ideals who drive us

“Shape powerful relation-ships, which might produce unexpected results.”

Let’s put our technological gadgets and handy tools aside and interact again in face to face.Reconnect as humans and enjoy the emotional, but respectful interaction. Building these connections unite us and give us meaning. And as our mutual trust and commitment grows, the things we are able to achieve are limitless.

“Always be Human.”

Human interaction is becoming increasingly technology-driven and ‘impersonal’, be it in private or business space. As this makes in particular work life more effective and allows a global reach, a vital aspect of what we do and why is shifting towards the background: that all our interaction and the results of our doing has in the end to do with humans. So there is always a face to it. Let’s start to find out who we actually engage with.

“Push for excellence…, and then push a bit more.”

Our greatest wish is to achieve results that are truly useful and satisfy our clients. But intentions are only as sincere as the effort that feeds their realization. So we put in the hours, resources and technology to make it happen. We’ve been given a chance and we honour that responsibility with accountability, to our clients, their staff and ourselves.

“Define solutions which make a difference in people’s life.”

Of course our priority is the well-being and enhancement of the client’s business, but with that we desire to improve people’s lives. Sometimes that will require a complete redesign of structures or thinking the unthinkable. Either way, our mission is to inspire people looking at challenges and their role in the bigger picture differently.

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